Mobile Trends that are dominating 2021

Our dependency on technology is increasing by leaps and bounds with every passing day. The present times are a witness to this. Businesses, education and offices are heavily dependent on the use of technology as the world slowly adapts to virtual, remote workspaces. Hence, today smartphones are becoming a crucial part of our everyday lives. It has transformed methods of communication and conducting business. Learning and earning both is now on the go.

Affordable data and the general drive against digitisation has further propelled the use of smartphones. All these factors have led to the introduction of several new players in the Indian smartphone market. From new names to well-known giants, every company is trying to capture the customers’ attention by offering a wide array of features and services at the lowest price. While the market continues to be highly competitive, let us look at a few Indian smartphones trends that will rule 2021.

Superfast Charging

Constant data consumption, playing games and enjoying other forms of multimedia entertainment eat up the smartphone’s power very swiftly. This is one problem that continues to bother smartphone users. While most users handle the issue using power banks, it does not actually solve the problem. Hence, newer brands like Tecno mobiles are offering their smartphones with massive batteries. The Tecno Pova comes with a battery of 6000 mAh, while their Spark range starts with a 5000 mAh battery. The new models in their Camon range also start with 5000 mAh. Most of the latest Tecno smartphone models have the super convenient feature of flash charging which ensures that the phone is fully charged in the quickest time.

Hi-Tech Cameras

High-quality camera phones continue to be the most significant deciding factor when it comes to buying a smartphone. Users love it when they can capture their favourite moments most realistically and vividly. High megapixel cameras with anti-distortion super wide angles that offer excellent quality video and night shooting, a higher number of flash, AI recognition, and more imaginative photography are widely preferred.

5G Connectivity

5G connectivity is right now, one of the critical factors that can attract customers. 5G data connectivity is no longer a distant future but very much a part of reality. With multiple OTT platforms and virtual gaming, 5G is a necessity for today's smartphone users.

Curved Displays

Curved displays offer that premium feel to smartphones. Although there is some time to understand how well consumers will perceive it in general, there is no doubt that this feature is an exciting one for all.

Screen innovation

With the higher engagement time that users have with their smartphones, screens that will provide a more elevated and safer vision experience will be something that will definitely grasp customer attention. Advanced colour management will significantly reduce strain and stress on the eyes caused by long hours of phone usage.

While these are some of the widely accepted trends in mobile technology, other new introductions like foldable phones, phones with compact sizes, etc., are also highly anticipated. The new mobile launch in India is undoubtedly going to be determined by these factors this year.